a new kind of food blog

In food lies the power to change the world.

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For better or worse, the food produced and consumed around the world affects the health, livelihood, and environment of all people. While this power gives the mere family supper an overwhelming responsibility, it also gives us as western consumers a beautiful ability to affect deep change in the world around us.

Missions to protect the environment, to end poverty, or to become healthy are present in every sphere of life in the western world. Oftentimes, however, these groups are met with ridicule or skepticism as the dialogues are not engaged in such a way to provide a convincing argument for the necessity of environmental, global, or nutritional consciousness, let alone a feasible way to live this consciousness out. In order for conversation to take place that encourages consumers that there is a feasible way for all of society to live ethically, the conversation must be centered on an interdisciplinary approach. Environmental science, anthropology, history, economics, nutrition, and theology each provide a nuanced approach to ethical living, which, when understood in conjunction with one another, holds the power to transform food systems across the world.

This blog is meant to relay my own exploration into the intersection of faith, food, and culture in order to best understand environmental and nutritional health; to view food in a way that is healthful, sustainable, and ethical without being classist, elitist, or racist. My goal is to write (at least) weekly, sharing articles, books, videos, recipes, and restaurant reviews.

Join me as I explore the many facets of food in hopes of heralding a world that looks ever more like the renewed earth we long for.