Farminaries, my latest for Christianity Today

This year I'm thrilled to be writing for several outlets beyond my own blog. It is of course exciting to meet others who support my work and are eager to help me grow. However, as a result, my posts here will likely be more sparse than they were last year. 

I keep a list of published articles under the Portfolio tab above, but I will try this year to create posts to guide you to new pieces as they come up as well. I've got lots of things up my sleeve for 2018! But for now I'm happy to share with you all the first major piece of the year--an editorial I wrote for Christianity Today about the rise in food-based coursework at seminaries across the country.

"Every aspect of our modern-day food system, from growth to distribution and consumption, includes elements of injustice. It is impossible to talk about the needs of the world without talking about food. Likewise, it is impossible to talk about food without engaging discussion about the needs of the world. Hunger, obesity, disordered eating, and environmental degradation all become issues the church can address when focused on God’s call to tend the earth and feed the world. Ministers equipped to talk about food are ministers prepared to address concerns that will inevitably afflict some people in their congregations."

Read more at Christianity Today.