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i'm struggling

I'll be quite frank, I'm struggling these days. I'm tasked with the professional need to "build a platform" in the midst of a painful cultural and political climate. I'm called to speak within the tensions of many disparate communities who all identify as Christian, and I struggle to know how to do it well. So rather than feign that my message is simple and clear, I'm here to tell you the truth: I'm struggling. And I kind of hope you are too.

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stubborn hope

Advent is my favorite season of the liturgical year. 

Or perhaps not necessarily my favorite – I do love the feasts of Christmastide and Eastertide – but it is the season with which I resonate the most. 
The tension.
The remembrance of what is already juxtaposed with what is not yet.
The remembrance that Christ has come, the anticipation that Christ will come again.

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