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whole wheat sourdough, fermentation, and the places that flavor you

The most complex, nuanced loaves of bread develop through a series of fermentations. Each stage pulls something new out of the dough, evoking sweetness, nuttiness, sourness, and more. But the first phase of fermentation sets the stage for everything to come. It reminds me of the importance of the communities that flavor me, and that everything develops out of the very first community where I met God.

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a slice of: cardamom sugar cookies with birch bourbon glaze

For the past twenty or so years, come Christmas-time my family has pulled out the same sugar cookie recipe: written on the back of a friend’s Christmas letter in purple crayon. This year I decided to mix things up. These cardamom sugar cookies pack a punch with their birch and bourbon glaze. Form into a log for a slice-and-bake version or roll out and punch with cookie cutters. There's plenty of room for creativity with these tasty treats.

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