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excusing the things i don't want to do

I realized last week how often I use the excuse of "I'm too busy" to avoid doing things I just don't want to do. Fasting is meant to strip away the tasks that we use to fill our time and excuse ourselves from the things we don't want to do. But Isaiah 58 tells us that if our fasting doesn't then lead us to see and address the needs of the oppressed around us, then we are doing it seriously wrong.

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i'm struggling

I'll be quite frank, I'm struggling these days. I'm tasked with the professional need to "build a platform" in the midst of a painful cultural and political climate. I'm called to speak within the tensions of many disparate communities who all identify as Christian, and I struggle to know how to do it well. So rather than feign that my message is simple and clear, I'm here to tell you the truth: I'm struggling. And I kind of hope you are too.

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just food: violence, justice, and a path to reconciliation

Princeton Theological Seminary’s 2nd annual Just Food conference opened on Thursday evening with a worship service that held together the brokenness and the freedom of tending the earth. Open our eyes to the victims of violence, to the plight of the poor, to the ones who seek justice, to the ones who seek peace, teach us compassion and love, we sang in prayer.

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