this year

In high school, I had a habit of writing cheeky poems for friends on their birthdays. Always in an even cadence with ABAB rhyme, the poems were fun and reflective of my minimal poetry skills. As I spent yesterday's unusually warm afternoon watching the waves crash onto my favorite beach, I decided it was time to get myself into a habit of trying to write poetry again. So, here is my most recent birthday poem, my hopes for this upcoming year. 

Thanks for for all the birthday wishes, ya'll!

This sabbath year, I'll find, I pray,
stillness as I do.

Basking in the yet to come,
In joy, already here. 

Kneading, breaking.
Knowing, baking.

Needing - resting - tension.

Learning meekly.

Silencing self, to be.

Smelling, hearing.
Breathing, fearing
not, the now or near. 

This advent year, I seek to live
The questions now, not answers.
Basking fully in joyful already,
Anticipating yet to come.

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