Join Companion Bread Share
a community supported bread program in Durham, North Carolina

Companion bread is a high-hydration, long-fermentation lean dough made with a mix of wheat and North Carolina-milled spelt flour. The long fermentation makes the bread easily digestible, even for those with non-Celiac gluten intolerance.

The bread share model allows for zero waste: every loaf is purchased before it’s made then delivered fresh.

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How it works
1. Sign-up through the form below, choosing your pick-up location and type of bread
2. Receive a Payment link via e-mail in order to complete registration
2. Pick up a loaf a week every week for the length of your share
3. Don’t want the goodness to end? Worry not! Once your season is just about up, Kendall will send a reminder to renew.


Frequently Asked Questions
What’s so special about your bread?
I’m a firm believer that bread ought to be simple, and this entire share is modeled around that premise. I use just flour (a blend of all-purpose and spelt), water, salt, and yeast (and cinnamon sugar for the fancy loaves), fermented for close to 24 hours. The slow process, similar to sourdough, renders the grains easily digestible and incredibly flavorful. Baked in a sandwich pan, every loaf is easy to slice, toast, and store.

How do I store it?
If you plan to eat it all in a few days (and trust me, one person easily could!), you can keep it at room temperature in the bag it came in. If you think it will take you a little longer to make it through, then store it in the freezer. I recommend slicing it beforehand so that you can defrost only the amount you want to eat. To defrost an unsliced loaf, wrap in aluminum foil and bake at 300° for 20 minutes.
Just don’t refrigerate or defrost and refreeze—this will lead to a less-than-ideal textured loaf.

Oh no, the current share already began! Am I too late?
Not to worry, go ahead and sign up below and I’ll pro-rate for the weeks you missed.

How do I pay?
Companion Bread Share uses an invoice system through Square. Within 72 hours of signing up, I’ll send you an email via Square. You can pay securely with any major credit card right through the e-mail. Easy as pie, er, bread?

I’m going out of town, can I put my share on hold?
Unfortunately we cannot put your bread on hold, given the rhythms of each share season. But if you won’t be able to pick up your bread, you can gift it to a friend or let us know ahead and we’ll gift it to a hungry Divinity student.

Hey, this sounds kind of like a CSA!
Yup, that’s exactly right! We’re modeled after community supported agriculture and really hope to instill similar community through bread.

How did this all begin?
I (Kendall) have been a baker for my full professional life, with a particular love for bread. I built a bread share business model 5 years ago with a friend but various other career moves kept us from ever getting it off the ground. The idea has lingered and shifted in form (including some practice running the Simple Church bread share for a year) as I began to transition away from professional kitchen work. While a seminary student at Duke Divinity, I studied the theology and history of bread and pretty quickly word spread that I bake a lot of it too. I spent a semester baking dozens of loaves a week out of my home, using the bread share model. Interest kept growing so after graduating, I partnered with Summer Bicknell at Locopops to use a commercial kitchen and make the business official.

Do you bake anything other than bread?
I also take special orders for cakes, pies, and other desserts. E-mail at for rates.

Are you eager to learn how to bake Companion bread for yourself?
Pop on over to the speaking tab above to learn about my bread baking workshops!