looking to read more about the intersection of food and faith?
here is a collection of my favorite books and websites to help you along the way.



theologies of food and farming:

food and faith: A theology of eating

In Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating, Norman Wirzba, Professor of Theology and Ecology at Duke Divinity School, provides a comprehensive theological framework for the significance of eating.

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soil and sacrament: a spiritual memoir of food and faith

Fred Bahnson of Wake Forest Divinity School explores connections between spiritual and physical nourishment through the stories of four faith communities—Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal, and Jewish. 

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making Peace with the Land

Fred Bahnson and Norman Wirzba explore the ways Christians can take part in God's reconciliatory work through responsible care of creation and justice for those who tend the land.

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good food: grounded practical theology

Jennifer Ayres, Assistant Professor of Religious Education at Candler School of Theology, offers a practical theology of food based on ethnographic study of diverse faith communities.

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reflections on food and hospitality:

Take this bread

Take This Bread is the spiritual memoir of Sara Miles, a woman drawn into Christian community by the taste of bread and inspired to start food banks across San Francisco.

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The Supper of the Lamb

Episcopal priest and chef Father Robert Farrar Capon offers poetic reflections on the spiritual and practical aspects of hospitality and cooking. 

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Bread and Wine

Shauna Niequist presents a series of short, poetic reflections on the spiritual power of the dinner table. Each chapter serves as a benediction to carry on the holy work of hospitality, ending with Niequist's favorite recipes.

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Food and faith: justice joy and daily bread

Food and Faith is a collection of essays on eating and hospitality, focusing on the enjoyment of good food and the connection to the land and to one another.

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breadmaking as spiritual discipline:

Bread upon the waters

Peter Reinhart, master baker and Eastern Orthodox priest provides spiritual reflections for each of the 12 stages of bread making.

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out of the house of bread

Anglican priest Preston Yancey parallels each of the twelve stages of bread making with spiritual disciplines. Out of the House of Bread is an introduction to both bread baking and the spiritual disciplines.

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