Lectures & Podcasts:

"Edible Theology" Fat and Faithful

"A Sacred Story of Meals" Lecture at L'Abri Fellowship

"Discussing Food, Faith + Culture" Our Midwestern Life 


"Community, Delight, and Care" Fathom Magazine

"Friends-giving Gives Everyone a Seat at the Table" Christ and Pop Culture

"Breaking Bread in the Tension of Thanksgiving" Morning by Morning

"Always a Baker, Never a Bride" GraceTable

"Eastertide Feast" Christian Food Movement

"Fasting, Feasting, and Restrictive Eating" Christian Food Movement

"Terroir" Topology Magazine

"Confession: I am Lonely" SheLoves Magazine

"From Where Do We Come? A Poem about Human Origins" God and Nature Magazine


"Farminaries" Christianity Today

"Communion Must Also be for the Gluten Free" Religion News Service

"Food: God's Tool for Reconciliation" Christian Food Movement

"Dinner Churches Spring Up Nationwide" Christian Food Movement

"Fast Food: A Global Perspective" Gastronomy at BU blog

"Sustaining Stillmans: Turning a Profit at the Boston Public Market" Gastronomy at Boston University blog

"Dr. Ari Ariel on 'Hummus Wars'" Gastronomy at Boston University blog

"Working at Momofuku Milk Bar" Gastronomy at Boston University blog


"Perfecting Your Pie Game: Breaking Down the Daunting Crust" Foodal

"A Guide to Shaping Bread" Foodal

"Need for Knead: A How-To Guide for Kneading Dough" Foodal

"Gluten: Bread's Backbone and Your New Best Friend" Foodal

"Yeast: Everything you Need to Know" Foodal

"Sorbet Science" Foodal

"Pumpkin Pie with Sage and Brown Butter" Foodal

"Apple Pear Pie with Cardamom and Ginger" Foodal

"Salty Tahini, Honey-Roasted Fig, and Banana Popsicles" Foodal

"White Balsamic Cherry Pie" Foodal

"Cucumber Elderflower Sorbet" Foodal

"Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Bread" Edible Boston