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food of friendship

“I don’t know where you’re from, but I know your middle name and how you fell in love,” reflected Daniel, a guest at the first monthly Chez Heureuse dinner party. Upon moving into our apartment, my roommates and I began hosting monthly, themed dinners in order to bring together each other’s friends and expand our own communities in the city. After our first meal – a New Year’s-themed affair centered on tales of resolutions we kept and resolutions we failed – the group lauded the success of the meal, forging friendships among men and women who otherwise would never have met.

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full circle

This time last year I wrote an essay after deciding not to attend culinary school. I quoted a prayer from Thomas Merton, a prayer which I repeat almost every day. I share it again today, remembering the fear of changed plans in the past and savoring the beauty that came out of those decisions. In the same way, I look to the journey ahead with excitement, trusting that this too is a step into the journey which God has ordained for me beforehand:

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