lenten bread

Bread tells a story of death and resurrection.

It is at the heart of Christian tradition—the staple of the meal we eat to remember Jesus’ sacrifice. 

This Lent, explore the Gospel story woven through the process of baking.


Whether you’ve never baked a loaf in your life or you are a master of the oven, you can join in the process of bread making for Lent. Use your own recipe and refer here for meditations, or follow my directions from the start.


Over the next seven weeks, bake as often as you are able. I plan to bake three times each week.

Savor a loaf for yourself.

Break a loaf with friends.

Give a loaf away

I’ll be posting three times a week: a recipe every Monday with reflections Wednesday and Friday.

We’ll start by building a sourdough starter together, learn a basic sourdough recipe, and then move into additional techniques should you want to mix things up.


Lent begins Wednesday, March 1 and ends on Easter Sunday, April 16


In the comfort of your own home! Women and men around the world are committing to this Lenten bread practice; you can join in no matter where you are.


Most people know Lent as the time to give something up. But it is also a season to take on a practice, to train the body into new rhythms focused on Christ’s death and resurrection.

By using bread baking as a spiritual practice, you will learn to pray through the process of kneading and to savor the Gospel story embedded in every bite.

What do I need to get started?

Don’t be intimidated by books that instruct you to purchase several tools just to bake your first loaf.

All you truly need is flour, water, and salt, a bowl, a baking sheet, and a knife.

Some other helpful, but not necessary, tools include a bowl scraper, lame, banneton, and Dutch oven.

Follow along and share your experience using #LentenBread.

Interested in contributing a reflection? Contact me at kvslice90@gmail.com to let me know!