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shaping dough, or why gluten is like a toddler

I like to tell people that gluten is like a toddler. It will behave with enough rest and when it thinks an idea is its own. Shaping has to occur in stages in order to build the strength and tension necessary to form a nice loaf. As I shape, I am grateful for the patience of all those who have formed me. Who allow me to slowly shift into the directions that I need to go.

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confession: a spiritual mise en place

On this third day of Lent, we don't yet see many signs of life from our sourdough starter. But we continue to feed it in faith that the yeasts are slowly working their way through. The process of preparing our starter and our workspace for baking bread is called mise en place. The Christian practice of confession is a spiritual form of mise en place, acknowledging our own inabilities so that God can restore us and transform us, bring us back to life to love and serve and feed the world.

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sweet reads: out of the house of bread

Sweet Reads is the section of the blog where I compose book reviews of the variety of books at the intersection of food, faith, and culture. My goal is that this section serves as a resource for students or curious readers in need of a compilation of books on the topic. In ut of the House of Bread, author Preston Yancey uses the process of bread making to acquaint readers with the spiritual disciplines.

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